Webinar Description

Watermark Solutions, maker of Reman-specific Enterprise-level software solutions for over 20 years, will address Remanufacturing Challenges and the Solutions that can help companies to be efficient and successful as they manage their entire operation from Order to Cash.

Topics discussed at a high level will include:

  • New and reman parts management with usage variations, alternative materials, options and equivalents
  • Reverse bills of material and disassembly expected recovery, Kitting
  • Reman pricing with core charges, discounting, freight and other charges
  • EDI Inbound and Outbound Transactions
  • Demand forecasting, safety stock and target management visibility, and sales history visibility
  • Distribution management – getting the right inventory to the right place at the right time
  • Inventory availability, inventory visibility by Site and Warehouse and Location
  • Quotation and order management – engineer to order and make to stock
  • Backorder management
  • Purchased parts material planning and execution
  • Core management, core identification and damage conditions
  • Serialization


Donna Wedemeier

Territory Manager, Watermark Solutions

Donna has been working with enterprise software solutions as a project manager for many years. With an industry vertical focus on remanufacturing companies, she has experienced firsthand the challenges and benefits that remanufacturing brings to the table. Remanufacturing touches small and medium sized companies as well as multi-billion dollar companies, all with unique processes. Creating effective software business solutions that address the challenges of each starts with deep understanding of the many different ways that companies exist and are successful in their respective markets. There is so much opportunity for automation which is greatly needed particularly in high volume environments with mass merchants, distributors, retail customers, and suppliers offering different types of challenges. Variability in requirements is guaranteed and flexibility to handle these variations is the key to successful execution. The Watermark Solutions Team has an end to end software solution that is focused on remanufacturing. Donna and the Watermark Solutions Team has the expertise and industry experience to help our customers to be successful.

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