Webinar Description

Servers are hard wearing machines that function perfectly when remanufactured from component parts. This joint research project between the University of East London and Techbuyer proved this by running experiments on power draw and compute performance of new and a variety of remanufactured machines. More than this, it also proved that the previous generation of server can outperform new if remanufactured in the correct way. This in turn turns on its head the assumption that server refreshes always have to be carried out with the latest equipment, something which has traditionally hampered the use of remanufactured machines in enterprise data centres.

Join us to hear more about this research and what it says about sensible choices when refreshing the data centre and enterprise IT infrastructure.


Rich Kenny

Global IT Director, Techbuyer

Rich is the IT Director at Techbuyer where he manages the Digital, QA and IT functions alongside technical, research and Innovation projects in partnership with Innovate UK and University of East London. Techbuyer’s research and development focus is hardware energy efficiency and the environmental and economic impacts of ICT hardware during creation, use and disposal.

Nour Rteil

Research Associate, University of East London

Nour studied Computer and Communications Engineering and has 4 years of programming experience. She is now a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate at the University of East London, working with Techbuyer to build a tool that models energy efficiency of data centers based on optimal server configuration.

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