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Environmental Benefits of Remanufacturing

The remanufacturing business is driven by the economic benefits associated with keeping high value products in service at like-new performance. A recent UN study demonstrated that remanufacturing can result in a 80-99% reduction in material consumption, and 57-87% reduction in fabrication energy, compared to new. This video will explain the methodologies that are used to assess the environmental benefits of remanufacturing, and provide case study examples that illustrate the analysis process.

Interchangeability of Low Voltage Circuit Breakers: Avoiding Potential Pitfalls of Breaker Substitutions

Before a low voltage circuit breaker (600 Volts or lower) can be remanufactured, it must be removed from the electrical infrastructure. Addressing this interruption of service by providing a spare unit is essential to a PEARL shop’s ability to start a reconditioning project.  Due to the depth and breadth of products that can be decades old, produced from multiple OEMs, with a relatively small installation base, substitutions of configurable electrical power distribution equipment can be a serious roadblock to success.

Remanufacturing Pathways

Beginning in the fall of 2019, technical education students at Ozarks Technical Community College can pursue their degrees with an emphasis in remanufacturing. Diesel, automotive and manufacturing students will have the opportunity to enhance their employability with a series of courses developed specifically to prepare students for high-demand jobs in the remanufacturing industry. 

Digital Product Life Cycle Approach to Remanufacturing

The focus of this webinar will be to understand the digital impact on the product life cycle for remanufactured products. The webinar will focus on unleashing the reverse supply chain power for a rapidly growing digital economy and educating the participants with theory, case studies and lessons learned.

Remanufacturing Standards

This webinar will start with a discussion of the ANSI standard that was completed, what worked, lessons learned and then dive into how RIC is working to develop a global standard for remanufacturing, including challenges and opportunities. All stakeholders (customers, suppliers, OEMs, distributors, researchers, etc.) in the remanufacturing industry will benefit from this webinar to understand what is involved and how they can partner in standards development in this fast-growing global industry.

Returns Management Best Practices

When looking to get a leg up on the competition, many companies find improved returns management practices can be the catalyst/differentiator. To achieve greatness in this domain, companies must first understand their returns management strategy, then establish the necessary supply chain capabilities and refine the metrics needed to answer the “what does good / great look like?” question. Typical topics for consideration include Labor Management and Workforce Flexibility, Proactive Transportation Management, Secondary Market Strategies, and Consumer Market Engagement.

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