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The Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC) is the unified voice for a global remanufacturing audience. We leverage our members to provide expertise on overcoming local and international challenges that impact the remanufacturing industry – from tools to technology to market acceptance and best practices. RIC provides a platform for  communication and collaboration with other stakeholders in order to create winning remanufacturing businesses.

As the voice of the remanufacturing industry, RIC actively promotes the financial, environmental, and workforce benefits of this important business sector. The Remanufacturing Industries Council is a vital support and promotion organization for the global recognition of the value of remanufactured goods.

For more information about RIC, visit us at www.RemanCouncil.org.

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The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) is the leading global organization for developing and promoting the safe and sustainable management of end-of-life aircraft and components.

Established in 2006, AFRA is a membership-based global collaboration to elevate industry performance and increase commercial value for end-of-service aircraft. AFRA represents companies from across the globe and throughout the supply-chain – from manufacturers to materials recyclers. Through the collective experience of its members, AFRA’s Best Management Practice (BMP) Guide has significantly improved the management of end-of-life aircraft in terms of environmental and sustainable performance.

APRA was founded October 24, 1941 with several dozen companies. Over the past 75 years, membership has grown to hundreds of member companies worldwide. The association helps protect the industry through its government affairs efforts in Washington, DC and elsewhere. In addition, the association provides technical education as well as networking opportunities for members to grow their business.

ARSA is devoted to the worldwide civil aviation maintenance industry—from its global corporations to the small, independent businesses. ARSA members are located on five continents and in nearly 20 countries.

The association’s experts create tools for members to navigate the maze of government mandates while enhancing safety, efficiency and productivity.

ARSA is managed by the law firm of Obadal, Filler, MacLeod & Klein, P.L.C., which provides management, government affairs, and legal services to trade associations and transportation-centric companies.


Founded in 2000, the Int’l ITC united a number of regional trade associations that had sprung up since the mid-1980s to serve the fledgling cartridge remanufacturing industry.  The Int’l ITC represents more than 600 companies that remanufacture and sell imaging supplies.



PEARL is a membership organization, representing over 70 companies serving the electrical and associated industries, that develops technical standards pertaining to the reconditioning of a wide variety of common electrical products used in commercial and industrial applications.


RemanWorld is the premier journalistic source of news, contacts and communications services for the worldwide remanufacturing industry.

William Schwarck, the founder, publisher and editor, has long been recognized as a transformative force in the industry. Over almost two decades, his reporting on the news and the people of the industry has built a shared identity for an industry otherwise better known as a hidden giant.