Registering your event at gives you access to resources, provides visibility for your organization and most importantly, shows your company’s role in elevating the entire remanufacturing industry.

What You Get When You Register

  • Access to resources to assist you with your event planning and promotion.
  • The ability to publish information about your organization to
  • The ability to show your connection to this global event.

Access to Event Resources

Planning an event can seem overwhelming but officially registering a Reman Day event gives you access to a number of exclusive event resources.

These resources include a how to guide for using the Reman Day logo as well as the ability to download both a full color and black and white version of the logo. You also have access to a customizable proclamation template and press release and a Host Media Guide that provides useful instructions and tools for promoting your event.

Visibility for Your Company

When you register your Reman Day event, you not only add it to the overview map, you also create a web page dedicated to your event on On that page, you can post a profile statement about your institution and can add other content that will help your organization achieve greater online visibility, including links to your website and social media profiles.

Ability to Show Your Companies Role in Global Reman Day

Registering your event at give us the ability to include your company in the narrative we create to help increase public awareness about remanufacturing. Your event information is shared online and with the media.

And let’s face it, the more companies we have participate in Reman Day, the more public officials will take notice and get involved in helping advance the entire industry.